Electronic Components


The electronic component is a device used to regulate the passage of electric current through it and are divided into three categories:

  • passive: All those components that do not introduce energy into the circuit and in turn do not need an external power supply for their correct operation, among these we find resistors, impedances, fuses and capacitors and diodes.
  • active: are the components that are used to modify a signal the input signal, for example to amplify the value of current or voltage. Among these we find Transistors, SCRs, Triacs.
  • electromechanical: These are all devices that through an electrical signal create a mechanical movement or from mechanical movement create an electrical signal, for example the relays.

Brands distributed:

  • Sanrex: Soft/Fast Recovery Diode, Thyristor Diode, 3-Phase Diode, Rectifier Diode, TO-3P
  • NipponRika: Metal Based Printed Wiring Board
  • Electron: Cermet Trimmers,Potenziometers
  • YES: Alphanumeric Display, Graphic Display, Custom Display
  • Belight: LED Display, SMD LED Display
  • ASE: Reader Module, Transponder
  • OBO: Piezo Buzzer, External Driver, Self Driver, Drive Circuit Built-in, SMD Piezo Buzzer
  • Flex Electronics: Flex Jumper
  • ONPOW: Plastic Bush button, Metal Push Button, Antivandalic Button