Displays are devices used for the presentation of information in visual or tactile form used, for example, in devices for the blind for writing Braille. The term display comes from the English "to display" which means "to show, expose" and in turn derives from the Latin "displicare" that is "to explain, to perform". It was first used in 1945 referring to radars to indicate those devices used to visually represent electrical signals and in subsequent years for computer display peripherals, calculators and other devices. The displays were initially born for the visualization of text or signals and subsequently evolved up to the present day for the visualization of color graphics and 3D videos. BELIEVE offers you LCDs with various shapes and sizes, latest generation OLEDs, HIGH-BRIGHTNESS displays for the most demanding industrial solutions up to E-INK and LED DISPLAYS. All products are of high quality, available for customization and with competitive prices.

Brands distributed:

YES: Alphanumeric Display, Graphic Display, Custom Display.

JNM: High Brightness, Bar Type, applicazioni industriali.

Rit Display: Oled.