ABOV Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


ABOV Semiconductor founded in February 01, 2006, is a leading designer and manufacturer of microcontrollers, advanced nonvolatile memory and various semiconductor solutions. Leveraging its unique IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio, ABOV provides complete solutions focused on industrial and consumer appliances markets. ABOV’s technologies power the various features integrated in thousands of popular product applications.
ABOV Semiconductor’s solutions provide customers an unlimited possibility to become market leaders with more powerful, smarter, more energy-efficient, more versatile, yet more affordable products than ever before.

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- Major Home Appliance
- Small Home Appliance
- Power Solution
- Mobile Solution
- Bluetooth® LE & Connectivity
- Fire & Safety
- Industrial Application
- Remote Controller


· G1 (Cortex M0+, Basic)
· G2 (Cortex M0+, up to 48MHz)
· G3 (Cortex M0+, 48MHz, USB option)
· G5 (Cortex M3, up to 75MHz)
· M (32-bit High Performance)
· L1 (Cortex M0+, Low Power)
· L2 (Cortex M0+, Low Power)

· 8-bit G1 (Mainstream)
· Touch Solution
· Low Power Series (L Series)
·LCD Series (R Series)
· MC Series
· L1 (M8051, Low Power)