Toyoda Gosei

The company founded in Japan in 1949 specializes in the supply of automotive products using rubber and plastic technology. Today Toyoda Gosei owns 65 Group companies in 17 countries, with approximately 40,000 employees.
The activities that Toyoda Gosei covers are:
- Production / sale of automobile parts (Seals, functional parts, interior and exterior products, security systems)
- Manufacture / sale of other products (Optoelectronic products, general industry products) 
- Management of sports teams and sports facilities


Japanese Manufactoring · Original owner of the patent for blue green and white led technology · High Reliability · High Quality · Light selection of intensity and color


■ UV-C LED modules
With heat sink can be operated up to 350mA
Water resistance equivalent to IPX4
With connector attached to constant current power source
With mounting holes for embedded devices

■ UV-C LED water purification units
Equipped with high power UVC-LEDs. Flowing water is rapidly disinfected with an internal optical design.
Sterilization performance: ≥99.9% of Escherichia coli inactivated (flow rate 5.0ℓ/min)
No concern about “empty heating” with the use of a heat sink heat dissipation method that does not
depend on LED cooling with flowing wate

■ Solar LEDs
An LED that reproduces natural light with original technology. Red, green, blue phosphor is irradiated with violet light to achieve a color tone close to sunlight.

· Top Led 3030
· White (2700K-3000K-4200K-6500K)

typ. 90mw @ 350mA @ 275 nm
typ. 50mw @ 350mA @ 275 nm with optics 37°
typ.    7mw @   40mA @ 275 nm 1.35x1.35 mm

· White (2700K-3000K-4200K-6500K)