02 August 2023

Summer Holidays

29 Giugno 2022

01 August 2023

High efficenty Led

Superior luminous efficiency 230lm/W

14 November 2022

MBI6673 Step-down, 5A High Power LED Driver SIMO 20-55 Volt

Constant current driver

07 November 2022

Nov.9 (Wed.) | 2022 Macroblock Online Symposium


03 November 2022

MBI6659 Step-Down, 2.5A Dimmable LED Driver for Lighting 5-45V

Constant current driver

24 October 2022

No compromises on thermal management - SiC Mosfet FMG50AQ120

SiC Mosfet FMG50AQ120 In discrete 4-Pin Package

15 September 2022

One-stop easy solution completed with IGBTs GSA75AA120 and GSA100AA60

IGBTs GSA75AA120 and GSA100AA60

09 April 2022

New driver led 2A MBI6664

Product Introduction on Common Anode Buck Converter MBI6664

15 February 2022

Take your product design to the next level with 3S SiC MOSFET

SanRex FCA 2-in-1 SiC MOSFET Modules